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Montessori Preschool Curriculum

What is Montessori?

Montessori preschool fosters peer learning and allows children to learn and discover their innate skills and talents.

The Montessori educational model was created more than 100 years ago by Italian educator Dr. Maria Montessori. She observed that children are naturally curious and accomplish more when allowed to direct their own learning rather than have a highly structured curriculum imposed upon them. Further, she found that interactive, collaborative play fostered more advanced learning than solitary play or rote-type exercises done in isolation.

However, teachers are an important part of a Montessori education because they help children learn and grow by guiding them, asking questions and offering suggestions. All the toys and materials in a Montessori school classroom are designed to advance child development.


Why choose Montessori preschool?

Although there are many wonderful curriculums available in Bountiful, Farmington and Kaysville preschools, we’ve discovered that the Montessori education is the right fit for most children at the preschool age. This curriculum in the early years allows the child to learn through sensory motor activities, which means they will be deciphering and learning skills through seeing, hearing, smelling and movement.

Some of the main principles of Montessori school include helping children to develop independence and confidence in themselves and their choices. This foundation provides children with an outlook on education, learning and life in general that is healthier and more functional than traditional preschool programs.

Children who get a Montessori education are less inclined to be afraid to ask questions and take risks with learning because they have developed more self-assurance in Montessori school. These are the qualities often associated with leadership, innovation and discovery.

Few preschools offer the Montessori-based learning style. Our teachers are trained and have years of experience helping children grow and develop using Montessori learning principles.

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How does Little Orchard Preschool use Montessori school principles?

The Montessori school principles of education help our students develop a sense of freedom, independence and the ability and desire to explore the world around them. Our teachers create a safe space in which students feel secure. This nurturing environment helps them with learning, discovery and experimentation.

Organization is a big part of Montessori education, and it helps to foster independence. Toys and materials are kept where children can reach them, and students are taught to return items to their rightful places when they are done using them. We encourage parents to reinforce this principle at home as well.

We also focus on verbal praise rather than tangible rewards to teach children that pride and satisfaction are the real rewards gained from achievement.

Our Bountiful, Farmington and Kaysville preschool program also gently encourages focus and concentration, building students’ tolerance to frustration. This makes them better able to complete more tasks and expands their capacity for learning.

We find joy in watching your child grow and learn through this unique curriculum that has been tried and tested for over 100 years. We’re convinced that you’ll be thrilled with your children’s growth throughout the year.

What do parents say about Montessori preschool?

Parents notice a difference in their children soon after they start at our Bountiful, Farmington and Kaysville Montessori preschool. Children tend to be more curious and open, and less fearful of exploration. Children who get a Montessori education are more confident and this helps in many areas of life, including teaching your child a new skill, encouraging your child to play with children they have not previously met, and prompting them to try a new experience.

Because Montessori preschool stresses organization, children better know what to expect each day and this cuts down significantly on crankiness and tantrums, especially with sensitive children.

Parents are also pleased with their children’s improved levels of independence. They may no longer ask for help in the bathroom, getting a snack or changing their clothes. This gives parents more free time and it reinforces in children’s minds the idea that they are capable and competent.

A Montessori preschool education sets children up for a lifetime of healthy learning.


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